Debby teaches vinyasa flow, in particular prana flow, “an energetic, creative, full-spectrum approach to embodying the flow of yoga cultivated by Shiva Rea and the Global Vinyasa Collective of Teachers.”  This transformational flow truly links the breath together with each movement and also helps to get prana (energy) flowing within yourself.  This yoga feels so good and is so beneficial.  Sometimes you sweat profusely.  Other times you are so “blissed out” that you forget where you are.  Most times, you get both of these benefits.

For years, I was a dedicated ashtangi and have a warm spot in my heart for the form and an endless amount of respect and gratitude for all my teachers who were such wonderful guides and inspirations.  As of December 2008, I stopped teaching led ashtanga classes.  Journeying along through the kramas of life, had me evaluating the yoga sadhana that was right for me.  I like to embody what I teach so in order to remain an authentic, true guide to my students, I put my ashtanga class into a wonderful savasana (rest).  I continue to find joy in teaching my yearly ashtanga workshop because I like to share with students how to get into and out of 70 asanas (poses) safely and with a smile and letting these students decide to take what they learn to another yoga class and/or an ashtanga class.

I genuinely enjoying sharing and teaching life tools of yoga to all people from my contemporaries which depending on the day can be little kids, teens, teachers, young adults, hip and happening regular adults, veterans or people with brain injuries. Net, is I teach anybody who is open to receiving yoga.  Yoga benefits everyone! My public classes and workshops are geared primarily for adults. 

I’m a big kid!  I’ve taught thousands of pre-K-12th grade students through the founding of Newark Yoga Movement where we bring yoga to students and educators, caregivers and more.  We are in several schools including Newark Public Schools, Essex County Regional School System, Charter Schools and Private schools offering a variety of programs.  Further, I have personally  worked with kids K-18 years having behavioral issues as well.  For more, see  Newark Yoga Movement in Giving Back.


Core n’ More ™ series The design of this 30-minute class works what I passionately believe is important, the core.  You’ll efficiently and effectively work your core from the inside out, definitely warm your body and then see how you will be able to do more both on and off the mat. Your core in yoga is from your abdomen through the crown of your head. Non-yogis who have taken this series admit they are stronger and for some reason relaxed! I believe that your limbs are an extension of your core and when having this awareness, movement becomes more integrated. This series is for all levels yogis/yoginis and people who have never before practiced yoga. No series scheduled at the moment but new Bhakti Barn 8am class will incorporate some Core n’ More for sure!!    New 15 minute Core n’ More Express sometimes can be found at the beginning of a class.

Chakra Immersion Series A six-week series guides you through each chakra, suggests how to unblock chakras--allowing energy to flow and how to reduce excess energy within a chakra through asana, chanting, journaling and more. Check back for location of this enriched series.

Sadhana (practice) lab created by Debby where the focus is on another aspect or grouping of asanas in a particular month such as arm balances, the breath, backbending, inversions, the core, standing asanas, twists and forward bends. A great, safe environment to explore and enhance your own sadhana.  

The Men’s Yoga Series Yes, real men do eat quiche and real men do yoga too!  If you are a man and say you are totally not flexible, then this four-week introductory series is for you--enough to know you can commit and enough to be able to see a difference!  And if you are the man’s wife, friend, girlfriend, sister, aunt and already practice yoga, here is your chance to get your man involved. Next series, TBD.  Men if you want it, ask for it and we can make it happen!

    PUBLIC CLASSES:        


     New Class!!   Wednesdays 8am -9:15am  Core n’ More Prana Flow at Bhakti Barn, Millburn

                          Thursdays  9:30am-10:45am  Prana Flow (1-2) at Karuna Shala

   Upcoming Workshops:  

        Check Back!

Global Mala NJ is Sunday, Sept. 23rd.  All of us who attended the 2011 event know what a peace happening it was.  40+ NJ yoga studios came together to celebrate, change, honor hope & pranify peace. Our event continues to evolve and will be held at Newark Public School’s New School Stadium.  EPIC! We have come together with Global Mala at the Sea (shore event) and expect to ustream festivities as we all come together for peace.   It’s my honor and privilege  have both Stacy & Seth Newfeld of Moondog Yoga, join me as co- “Peace Igniters.” You are promised great yoga, great kirtan, great inspiration from surprise guests, excellent huge kids event with drumming, art, yoga and more, massage, top vendors, yummy healthy food and more.  Check back often as details unfold.  13 Hands is back.  Thai Massage and massage is back.  Some top yoga teachers are back.  Mayor Cory Booker  is back with his passionate  support! Check out his speech from 2010. Interested in being a peace planner for 2012?  Please e-mail

Check out this video from the Portuguese Television station.  This was aired on PTV around the country!   Check back for more information in July, 2012.

Prana Flow (level 2-3) class.  Don’t let the level scare you but do know that this class moves.  Every movement is initiated by the breath, hence vinyasa but a great deal of attention is paid to activating prana, our lifeforce. There are plenty of variations within an asana for everyone to participate fully. All kinds of poses are explored in this class.  Most of all, we have fun and are filled with inspiration, energy and calm.

SloMo Flow (level 1-2) class.  This class is also good for all levels, although yogis/yoginis who want to really understand and feel the difference a breath enhanced movement versus just a movement should come and explore.  Everything in this class is in slomo--slow motion.  And we all know how doing things slowly is sometimes even more challenging then rapid motion. 

Private Instruction:

Debby believes that there is a benefit to learning one-on-one as yoga is different for everyone and everyone really has “their own yoga.”  She too takes a private every so often as a way to enhance what she knows and learn new things that are right for her.  Debby offers private sessions for individuals or very small groups in both NJ and NYC.

Corporate Instruction:

Debby is rewarded by sharing yoga in a corporate environment.  Debby spent many years in Corporate America knows first hand how yoga positively influences a workforce.  In 1999 she implemented the yoga program at Ogilvy NY and is proud that it is still running today.

If you are interested in a private or corporate session, please contact Debby for more information.

All yoga trance dance events benefit our environment with 100% of net proceeds going to  Trees for the Future, a wonderful organization that plants trees to help take carbon out of the air and restore degraded lands around the world .  If you are interested in holding a Yoga Trance Dance event at your studio for adults, families or children, please contact debby at

Many people are afraid of the word “dance.”  I understand as I was quite intimidated by the thought of dancing.  This isn’t like anything you’ve ever experienced.  Please read what people had to say about their first yoga trance dance .  As my teacher Shiva Rea says “life is movement and movement is life.”  This is what yoga trance dance does for everyone.





  What I love to teach....

photo: Debby Kaminsky

Who I love to teach...EVERYONE!!

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PRANA FLOW YOGA.  New Class at Bhakti Barn on Wednesdays.  Global Mala NJ 2012  Sept. 23rd

                         UPCOMING WORKSHOPS/EVENTS

No Workshops schedules at the moment but feel free to join Debby in one of her public classes or some Wednesday night for FREE YOGA at ONE Washington Park in Newark.

                         Hold Date for Global Mala NJ 2012 , Sunday, September 23rd in

Newark’s New School Stadium.  Epic.  Unity at it’s fullest.  PEACE is POWERFULL!!

See “Giving Back” on this website for highlights from milestone  Global Mala NJ events with Mayor Cory A. Booker.                       


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Mayor Cory Booker from the heart inspires so many.  Global Mala 2011

photos:  Ed Lara