“I am eternally grateful for the privilege to  

   share my love of yoga with others.  Any

   kudos received from my students go right  

   to my heart because it’s affirmation to me

   that I am doing my part to help make a

  difference, no matter the size.  Thank you to

  my students for teaching me and allowing

  me to grow so much.”

            -- Debby Kaminsky


“Debby is a nurturing, compassionate prana flow yoga teacher incorporating inspiring music into her teachings to rejuvenate and ingnite your soul.”--daphne tse, musician

”I just wanted to say that was an amazing class this morning. I'm  not sure I've ever stood as tall and open as I'm standing today, and deeply happy. Every teacher has their own yoga ‘gestalt’ and yours is very powerful and healing.”  --Carol B., PhD

photo: Howard Kaminsky

This video captures the kid we all have

in us that yoga certainly unleashes.

“Debby – WOW!!  What an experience I had – I will come back, but I think I will see you at the studio, and then sprinkle in an occasional private – I loved the attention, but mostly I loved the way I feel!!!”

                                                          --Amy B. Marketing Executive

hi deb,

“i was thinking today.....what a wonderful teacher you are and how much my life is enriched through my practice with you... so i thought i would tell you that! i love flow class, its very challenging for me but i feel so grateful for my healthy body when class is over. the way you lead class inspires me, assists and encourages me to either do the best i can for that day or go further.. and i know that wherever i am is okay! you provide a comfortable place for all that to go on. so, thank you.”   allison e.

“debby, i truly enjoy experiencing new yoga journeys with you each week.  I find that my heart and mind have opened to a new level.  you are very inspiring.” jill f., Founder LovePeaceYoga.com

“ Wow, I have so many “wow moments” with you Debby. Thank you.”


Deb - “thanks for a wonderful yoga inspiration. You truly are the Divine Debby.”--carolyn c.  nyc/london 

Dear Debby ~

“Thank you for two beautiful, inspiring classes yesterday ~  perfectly balanced and rich with meaning.  You are a great role model and mentor and, even though I am unable to attend with a lot of regularity, I hope you know how grateful I am for your wonderful, nourishing energy.  Meanwhile, wishing you all good things”~Nancy N.

“I began private yoga instruction with Debby in 2003.  In my years with Debby, she has helped me advance both my fitness level as well as my knowledge of yogic principles.  Each and every session is challenging and engaging.”  --Tina W.

“I’ve taken a number of Debby’s workshops, the expectations and the delivery are both of an excellent learning experience.”  Emily A.

“Debby is great with giving individualized instruction and making you feel good about any small achievement.”  -- Nancy S.

“Debby--Thank you for getting me started.  I was already exercising but I like the way yoga exercises the head as well as the body.  You are a great teacher and motivator, the real thing.”--Marcie H., Surgeon

Hi Debby,

“Just want you to know that you have been the most effective yoga

teacher I have ever had.  Ann left a message and said she had a lot of fun and thought you were really good. You were terrific and I felt so centered throughout the day and evening.  You've spoiled me!” gerri s.  nyc chef

“Your class on Monday was absolutely amazing...I started to cry in savasana.  Thank you for your guidance Debby.”--Michelle N.

“Debby’s yoga class is an inspiration to all.  Each week her classes are unpredictable, challenging, energetic and fun.  Yoga has certainly benefited my life.  Debby keep up the good work!”--Sheryl H.

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Some really cool press!

Ski photo: Snowcat yoga in Vail Valley

Feb. 21, 2009--New Jersey resident and yoga instructor Debby Kaminsky supports herself with her arms while in the firefly pose on top of a snowcat named "Jupiter" on Wednesday after backcountry skiing near Camp Hale, near Vail, Colorado

Kristin Anderson/Vail Daily

“Debby you are who you are.  You are absolutely an amazing instructor!”

          --Jill C. 2009

“ I’ve had the privilege of studying with Debby for over five years.  When one-on-one, her instruction informs my practice with precision and nuance.  In class settings, Debby has the unique ability to teach to a wide range of abilities--all at the same time--in effect combining the benefits of individual instruction with the energy of group learning.

While ever mindful of pushing too hard, Debby always motivates me to extend my practice to new limits.  Ashtanga and vinyasa with Debby has expanded my yoga experience immeasurably.  I am grateful for her patient guidance and look forward to many more hours of learning and fun!”  Rob. G.  Entrepreneur

Township resident organizes New Jersey Global Mala

Sept. 18, 2008  The Item of Millburn-Short Hills

Township resident Debby Kaminsky will be the coordinator for the New Jersey Global Mala, set to take place at 8:30 a.m. on Sunday at the Sports Clube Portuguese in Newark. The event will feature yoga instructors form throughout the State leading participants in a yoga session.  There will also be accompanying music.

As a yoga instructor at Liv Yoga in Livingston, she is honored to organize the event.  I’m excited to be involved. This is something my yoga instructor started to raise awareness for world peace,” she said.  Click to read full article

"When my family and I moved to Short Hills from Tribeca, the thing I missed the most was Shri Yoga, NYC's #1 yoga studio!  After a year of driving to Montclair, Hoboken and back to Tribeca to get in a "good" yoga class, I was determined to find "good" yoga in my neighborhood.  So after hitting every studio and gym in Livingston, South Orange, West Orange and Short Hills, I finally found Debby!  My search was over-- "great" yoga in my neighborhood! Debby was my first stop after my second child was born and within weeks my mind, body and soul was under positive transformation.  Debby is more than a yoga teacher.  She embodies the spirit, the values and the truth that people come to practice yoga for.  Through her positive energy and contagious optimism she makes you forget the word "can't" and shows you that anything is possible.  My arms are proof!  I am proud to say that i have "Body by Debby"....no gym, no running, no kick boxing, no personal training...just Debby.  that's all ya need.  You get therapy and a work out.  its a 2fer! "  Melody F. MyTai Clothing Founder

“Debby, I like that you reach into the outer limits of many poses, as you teach us to learn, to tweak and improve each pose.  I also enjoy that you change the tone and feel of every class.  It keeps yoga interesting as I continue to grow and expand my physical practice as well as all the internal goodies that I tap into both on and off my mat.  Until now, I never appreciated how powerful breath and movement are and how important that connection is in everyday life.  Personal growth and yoga addiction can only be attributed to a wonderful and inspiring instructor...which you certainly are.  Thank you for sharing your amazing knowledge and enthusiasm for yoga with us lucky students!” --Debbie T.

©2009 debbyoga llc

Debby--”I’ve taken a lot of yoga classes since my first one in 1975 and have had lots of different instructors.  But practicing yoga with you while you were in Colorado reinvigorated my interest.  Your dynamic spirit, enthusiasm for and knowledge of yoga is contagious.  You inspired me, challenged me, encouraged me and adjusted me in all the right places.  I have been yoga-ing regularly ever since you left.”  Love, Katherine O.  Colorado 2009