Wow.  19 years ago, these young ladies born one month early totaled less than 9 pounds.  Now in 2012, my babies finished their first year of college.  Being a mom is the most rewarding, yet the hardest and most challenging experience I have ever had.  Yes, it is quite interesting being the mother of teenagers!  I am grateful for all Kate & Molly teach me.  The pride and love I have for my twins is infinite. (photo:  Kate & Molly Senior Prom, June 2011)

I've been endlessly inspired by Shiva since my first encounter with her at an Omega Conference  in 2002.  I will always be grateful for her uniqueness, intelligence and unmatched creativity.  Thanks for “unleashing” me!  I am privileged and lucky to be part of her wonderful Global Collective.

I am truly grateful for EVERYTHING that has ignited sparks in me. 

May they keep igniting....     

Another WOW that we have known each other for 30+ years, having met in the cafeteria on our first day of college.  The glitch was he liked my roommate and I liked his roommate who looked like Robert Redford!  Somehow, we all switched and I'm glad we did.  We've sprouted together and have become more intertwined in our lives over the years. YEAH Howie!

I first met Twee at the NYYTA event.  She was adorable then and adorable now as she travels the world sharing her many gifts.  Twee is in the midst of year two of her amazing Soul Connections” tour which has taken her completely around the world, sharing her gifts.  I am privileged to call her a dear friend and mentor.  She is an amazing yogini and amazing person and now a proud mom to Hana Sky.

I will forever be grateful to my friend Mark Whitwell who once gave me excellent advise regarding meditation which was something I was unable to do.  He said "Debby, you don't have to try to meditate, you just do."  Those words were so powerful and took the pressure off me to try to find the right approach to meditating.  So now, I just do!  Although I still wonder why he always had me do my “20 minutes of yoga every day” and  now he asks everyone else to do 7 minutes!   Mark?

I am a sun worshipper!   I love the sun and the warmth, energy and power I get just from feeling it.  I also enjoy knowing that the sun was the prime educator for Hanuman, the great, wild monkey that splits are named after.  Read more on this story by clicking on the sun photo.

The ocean and it’s endless waves and ripples have always made me happy.  I’ve gone to the beach as long as I can remember.... before knowing about prana or vinyasa flow...and have loved the sound, rhythm and comfort of this ever inspiring part of nature.  I remember being in Costa Rica and discussing the ocean with Shiva who enlightened me by saying “debby, the ocean feeds prana.”  No wonder I love the ocean.  This photo taken in Costa Rica inspired Ripples e-letter.

The power of the drum ignites sparks.  Drumming reveals a lot about how you are feeling all over.  I thank the power of the drum for sharing its endless rhythmic and freeing powers.  Thank you Chuck Wood for teaching me the rhythm!

This is my pal Shantih, who never talks back, gives unconditional love 24/7, is just adorable and actually does a great down dog and up dog.  Her best asana though, is savasana where she goes into a coma!  Every day, I learn from her present moment mentality.

I love the taste and inspiration from Yogi Tea.  Some of my favorite quotes:

“Your heartbeat is the rhythm of your soul.”

“The universe is the stage on which you dance, guided by your heart.”

“Your soul is projection.  Represent it.”

See more of the over 150 quotes on the Yogi Tea Bag Quotes.pdf.   Yes, I have certainly drunk a lot of tea!

Mayor Cory Booker is an inspiration.  Mayor Booker is a yogi, in the truest sense.  Always following his wisdom from within.  His passions are contagious.  What a role model and spark!

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This is one rich book that I’ve read many times and each time, get something more out of it. Plus, the full translation of the Vijnanabhairava Tantra written around the 1st century AD is here! Thank you Daniel Odier for your interpretations. 

Here’s an interpretation of Stanzas 33-34:

              All matters are matters of the Heart

               All names are names of the Heart

               Everything comes from the Heart

               Everything has as its source the Heart.

Oh my, how the power of SANSKRIT ignites sparks!  Learning how to properly pronounce sanskrit letters and words and write sanskrit is honestly indescribable.  Who would think that writing could be meditative.  I honor my teacher Manorama for sharing her endless gifts of inspiration, love and knowledge with me.

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photo: Kevin Lynn

Photo: Debby Kaminsky