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photo: Debby Kaminsky

Twee & Debby

Helena & Debby

This was so cool!

photo: Howard Kaminsky

photo: Molly Kaminsky

photo: Howard Kaminsky

Elise & Debby

photo: Howard Kaminsky

photo: Tina Weinstock


Photos Credit: Melody Fuhr

 All photos shot by Kristin Anderson, Vail Daily

  Flowing in new MyTai yoga suit.  How fun!

My kids, Kate & Molly at 13!  They are now 16. Yikes!
I have so much fun playing around and striking all types of poses in all types of places and relate to what Rumi says so eloquently:

”Respond to every call that excites your spirit...and dance along the way.  You are protected.”--Rumi

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I love wearing

my yoga clothes

but can dress up

when I need to.

This is my hubby and I at

a super party!

Photo: Scott Whittle
Photo: Cristy Sycip
Debby doing “chat” yoga about Gurmukh and laughing at how she says “Wa-haye!”

The joy of teaching and inspiring in Newark Schools.  All photos by Lauren Rutten

Photo: Lauren Rutten